NutJob at 6 Months – A Comparison

I’m reposting this from a little over two years ago from my previous blog, just for comparison (and my own personal interest!)

Weight: 19lb 1.

Bubbles is still a good half a kilo lighter than NutJob, over a pound difference. I’m wondering if solids might fatten her up or it is purely because she’s a girl!

Bedtime: Same as last month, 7pm for him and half 9 for me. He still stirs in the night and needs his dummy, but Daddy and I take it in shifts!

Hahahaha. I take her to bed between half 6 and 7, then it varies on how long she wants to nurse herself to sleep. I’ve reached my limit with it though. It needs to end.

Naps/Length: 3, maximum of 3/4 of an hour each. We’re starting to struggle with his last nap and making it to bedtime!

Depending on when she wakes up, she’s still on 3 or 4 naps a day of either 25 or 45 minutes. It stresses me out a bit as we’d had a lovely routine and it isn’t quite as good anymore. Until I adjust to her.

Number of feeds in 24hrs: 5 feeds. He can still go 9 hours overnight. Maybe a few more!

Hahahahaha! Was NutJob really on 5 feeds before solids were established? Oh, God. Bubbles has 5 during the day in a nice routine and 1-3 overnight in no routine. She can go 7-8 hours, but not consistently.

Favourite toy/objects: NutJob loves standing on his walker and playing with the front of it.

She loves Sophie the Giraffe, a green holey ball, anything NutJob brings too close and Mummy’s phone!

Clothing age: Still 6-9 months.

Only in 6-9 in sleepsuits, everything else is 3-6 with room.

Foot length: 10cm.

Milestones: Can stand holding on/leaning on toys. We bought him a second hand “sit to stand” tower and he can pull himself up when he’s sitting on our laps.

Very shakily she can lean on toys or the sofa, but her arms aren’t strong enough for any pulling. She’s happy rolling back and forth and stretches her arms out soooo much to reach things that it frustrates her. She wants to move.

New Foods: Just the basics for starting to introduce solids.

We started straight onto finger foods as we waited until she hit 6 months. Bubbles’ tongue reflex means nothing has been swallowed. At all.


Adventures In Weaning – A Hesitation

Something is holding me back. Something is making me incredibly hesitant. Baby Bubbles is almost 26 weeks old, we started weaning NutJob at 24 weeks as Daddy and I decided that he was ready, I think Bubbles is ready.

I, however, am not. And I don’t know why.

We took it easy with NutJob. Slowly introduced different foods, gradually built up to actually having 3 meals. I can’t even tell you how slowly. All I can say is that by 9 months, NutJob was only having 2 or 3 feeds a day. Is it because I can’t remember how slowly we took it? Is it because I’m worried that she won’t take to food as quickly, that she won’t drop milk as quickly, that it won’t help her sleep through the night?

NutJob was already sleeping through the night, Bubbles needs milk 1-3 times a night and there’s no consistent pattern to her night feeds yet. Solids might help. They might not. That isn’t why I’d introduce solids.

No matter how much I find things easier this time around – breastfeeding is more enjoyable and I don’t mind the night wake ups – I still want her off the boob by a year and sleeping through as soon as. I just know that there’s nothing I am willing to do achieve either of those goals. Will food help achieve the goals?

Will I be disappointed if it doesn’t?

But I can’t keep her purely on breastmilk until I feel more ready, can I? Because I’m pretty sure she’s ready. She’s much more alert, grabby, watches everything. It happened in the past week or two. But I’m not ready. I’m not ready for the hassle, for the change in nappies, for the stress of timings or worrying that it doesn’t affect her sleep and/or milk intake.

But she needs to start exploring food at some point… doesn’t she?


Crèche Adventures

I’ve never used a crèche before. NutJob started nursery at about 14 months old, as will Bubbles, and until that point I never left NutJob with anyone other than Daddy or Nanny. When he was just over 6 months old I went on a baby/toddler first aid course and left him for 5 hours with Daddy. I’d never left him that long before. He’d never gone more than 3 hours between feeds in the day.

I can remember getting nervous around 12, anxiously checking my phone as I ate the provided lunch. He’d never skipped a feed before! Well, Daddy gave him some random picnic food (aren’t Daddies the healthiest?) which kept him going another few hours before I got home.

We were lucky that my husband was unemployed and could look after him. We were lucky that we’d started weaning and could, as a one off emergency, use solids to pacify. Well, I have booked on another Sure Start course – Social Toddler – and have to leave Bubbles for two hours. This time I don’t have Daddy, I don’t have solids so I am using the free crèche.

I reckon she’ll be fine as I pass her over and walk away; she’s nowhere near a separation anxiety phase. I’m hoping that I’ll be fine; I remember mums crying a bit at the first aid course as they had never left their babies before. I’m hoping that as she’s my second and as I have left her with Daddy and Nanny  every Friday, that I won’t get teary.

She’ll be due a feed and probably a nap during the 2 hours so she’ll be brought to me for the feed. I highly doubt she’ll have a nap unless she nurses to sleep and I then keep hold of her. Or possibly if there’s somewhere I can then putvher down, she might nap.

I’m doubting the nap! Haha!

Wish me luck. And her because I need to trust these strangers in the crèche, right?


NutJob and HIS lack of Adventures

Okay, so I’ve already established that I’m pretty heavily feeling the guilt at doing little in comparison with Bubbles than I do NutJob, but do you know what, I feel guilty about spending time and what I do with him, too.

Is it just normal for mums?

NutJob goes to nursery 4 mornings a week until 1pm and then he tends to have a long nap until sometimes as late as 4pm, that’s too late to head out and do anything. I could probably try and let him skip it on the odd afternoon, he isn’t a total terror without it.

It’s jut that I spent a good 6 months pregnant and in back pain so didn’t do much with him. Now, I’m putting his sleep (and hers) above doing fun things with him. I’ve always put sleep high up on my list priorities, that is the sleep of my children and have damaged his social circle for it. Although can it really be damaging if he needs his sleep?

Except now it’s also because of Bubbles’ sleep. I need to use our double when I have both of them and I’m not sure how well she’d sleep in a proper sit up, facing forward pushchair seat. I don’t like my children to sleep in pushchairs – I don’t like napping sitting upright with straps restricting my movement. But it means that I never get to see my son play with others.

Meanwhile, on nice sunny weekdays it’s difficult for me to let NutJob play out in the garden when I have to juggle watching him, watching her and cooking dinner. And it keeps going rainy on weekends so it means that I don’t get to play with him in the garden.

How am I supposed to take him to the park? Abandon her in the pushchair alone whilst hoping no one kidnaps her?

I’m going to have to bite some sort of bullet, to become flexible about something or keep feeling like he’s missing out.

There’s always next summer, right?


In 15 Years…

In 15 years from now when I have a 15 and 17 year old, I am going to run screaming into his room at 2330. Then demand cuddles in his tiny single. I might fidget so much that my bum ends up in his face. Then I’ll leave him alone. At 0030, I’ll run into her and demand a cup of water. 0130, back into him. 0230, more water from her. Then I’ll leave her alone for the night, but at 0330 I’ll jump into his bed again. This time, I’ll keep him awake until 0500 when I demand to watch America’s Next Top Model until 0700 when it’ll be time for breakfast.

All I can say is thank f*** NutJob is usually an amazing sleeper and this is a rare occurrence because I could not cope.

To all those mummies who have babies, toddlers, children who regularly don’t sleep, you’re amazing and so much better than me!

Rock on the teenage years… maybe?


Bubbles Misadventures

Bubbles is 24 weeks old and I’ve barely done anything with her in the past 5/6 months. You’ve all read the amazingly funny blogs which declare that a second, third, fourth child gets far far less time. They don’t get their milestones noted down. They get to eat chocolate and cake at a far younger age. Etc, etc.

I’m a meticulous note taker and my eldest is in nursery 4 mornings a week so Bubbles does get some undivided attention and time, but (there’s always a but!) I’ve still done less with her. I feel like I’m letting her down. We do far less.  Let’s see,

NutJob started regularly attending an under 1 group at about 8 weeks old, Bubbles at about 20.

NutJob started swimming lessons at about 10 weeks old, Bubbles at 17.

NutJob started baby signing classes at about 16 weeks, Bubbles won’t be.

NutJob then started going to another under 1s group that Bubbles will probably never go to as it’s in the afternoon.

The only thing Bubbles has done earlier/more of is the breastfeeding group I attend, or we attend, which we started going to at 2 weeks old.

It’s not just that though, I made really good mummy friends first time around and due to only going to one group and not having the freedom I had first time around, Bubbles and I do not have the social life NutJob and I had. Luckily a lot of those mummies are also having seconds so maybe we’ll get a social life.

It’s quite odd because with NutJob, I needed those early groups as I needed to see light at the end of the tunnel. At around 5 months I realised I was going to the groups because he liked them. This time it’s the other way around. I spent today in alone with Bubbles and thinking about this blog and I realised that I was bored!

It’s tough entertaining a baby and whilst it’s tough finding things that fit in with a toddler, a nursery run, house cleaning, naps I might need to try harder to get out of the house on the one day a week Bubbles and I don’t do anything. And I should try and stop trying to treat them 100% equally. It’s impossible.


Adventures In Breastfeeding

I’ve never loved breastfeeding. I always see the negatives and down sides to it and, please, don’t tell me there are none because there are. Or to me there are anyway. And, please, do not get me wrong I am a breastfeeder! I fed NutJob for 12 months and am still exclusively feeding Bubbles at 5 months. I’m enjoying it more this time, but I still don’t actually like it.

My current issue, or reason to hate it is the dependence.

I’ve started to go back to the under 1 play group that I used to take NutJob to and it’s slowly starting to fill up with mums I went to the group with last time. Apparently we all went for the same age gap! I was chatting to one and I mentioned that Bubbles had screamed the night before at bedtime. I’d fed her to sleep, gone out for my jog and got home to her screaming.

Yup, said my mummy friend, her son had done the same.

So, after cooling down, I continued, I went in to feed her. Literally after 5 sucks she was fast asleep, how she stayed until her first night feed!

Yeah, my mummy friend said, she’d thought the same but midway through preparing a bottle, her son had gone to sleep.

Let’s look at this, yeah?

Two babies crying. One took a few seconds of ready available boob and was back asleep. The other, if they’d needed feeding, would have had to wait for a bottle to be ready. So, breastfeeding is better, yes?

No, not for me, because that baby on the bottle could have been calmed by anyone. That baby on the boob needed me and, it might be selfish, but all I wanted to do was have a 20 minute jog and then cool down.

I’m not sure which I prefer. Except I do. I do enjoy the ease of breastfeeding. I have seen mummies leave a baby group as they forgot the bottle. I have heard babies cry for 5 minutes whilst their mum boiled a kettle, found a bowl, cooled the boiling milk and waited for it to be drinkable.

But I have also seen mummies who have gone away for the night without their 4 month old, who have gone away for a weekend, who can wear anything. Which I could do if I could be bothered to express. Or wanted to leave my baby at such a young age (I don’t, I haven’t left my toddler overnight apart from when I was in labour!)

So, yeah, I think breastfeeding is easier, but when I consider that bedtime and which would have been better for our family, I do resent the limitations of breastfeeding. After all, is it selfish to want to go for a jog?

P.S. I don’t want to leave my baby, but sometimes I’m jealous of those that physically can
P.P.S This is not a breastfeeding versus formula post. It’s breast versus bottle. Breastmilk can be in a bottle, too. It comes with the same drawbacks.